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Autumn-Winter 2005

Greetings, dear friends,

Soon the winter solstice will be here. What an autumn of storms and upheavals it has been! Many people have asked me what Awareness has to say about all the storms. Briefly, Awareness says, every religion will claim the storms for themselves and look for some way in which it is the hand of God or Goddess, so really it’s best just to accept that storms come and go, for whatever cause, with greater and lesser intensity, and our human agenda is not the agenda of the larger universe. We are part of a great Whole always seeking balance, and what appears to us as chaos and destruction is that balancing on a very big scale.

However, Awareness does say again, as it has many times, that if there is one thing human beings should be paying attention to in protecting themselves and the future of their world, it’s global warming. Awareness was saying this twenty years ago when virtually all scientists were denying its existence. Now most scientists acknowledge its effect, and yet the American government still refuses to address it. From the perspective of Awareness, the increased number and intensity of hurricanes are intimately and definitely related to global warming, and we will continue to experience this heightened intensity. Many scientists are still denying any connection, so…. We’ll see.

With the storms, the war, the politics here in America, the fiasco of the response to Hurricane Katrina, many people are asking the eternal but always important question, what can I do? Everyone has to answer that for themselves; however, I went back in my archives and found a message from Awareness from 2002 titled “What Can We Do?”  It’s even more timely now than then, so you can find it as the November 2005 Monthly Message on my website,

All of this brings me to the topic of this newsletter: Staying Healthy in Today’s World.  As I have mentioned, my husband Bob and I have been working for ten years to evolve an energetic healing system called SourcePoint Therapy that he has now begun to teach. His workshop in October went well and he will be offering another introductory one in April 2006 (see announcements).

In SourcePoint Therapy one learns to connect with the fundamental principles of Order, Harmony, Balance and Flow in the universe. Almost every energetic healing system describes health as balance. And yet maintaining that balance in a world so out of balance is a challenge. I find myself often just repeating those four words as a kind of mantra, either in the midst of my daily life, or when sitting in meditation. Inhaling gently, exhaling quietly, repeating to myself, “Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow,” I experience coming back to a sense of balance, my energies settle down, I feel the vibration of those words echo in me and bring me a greater peace. It’s a wonderful practice.

Where is that fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow in the world today? It’s still there. It’s more challenging to find it, and that will be addressed by Awareness in the Reflections that follow. As I said, it’s sometimes there in the seeming imbalance, in the extremes. It’s there in nature, and in our breath, in the stars at night. More and more we have to find it within ourselves.

Then there’s all the news and fear around ever-new forms of flu, mutating viruses, and pandemics. Clearly it’s a good time to be strengthening one’s immune system. Awareness says that of all the systems of the body, the one most directly affected by the mind is the immune system, for better or for worse. Fear and stress compromise it; there are many ways to build it up. SourcePoint Therapy includes guardian points on the body; holding these points helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. In the Reflections in this newsletter, Awareness will discuss “the guardians of the body.”

At this time of the winter dark coming, may the light of Awareness guide you and protect you, strengthen and nourish you. 

I wish you peace and health throughout the coming months.




Yes. Yes. Yes.

Take a moment now, after you have read these first few paragraphs, to close your eyes and imagine in front of you, in a field of white light, a golden triangle, a golden circle and a golden square.

If you visualize easily you can actually see these figures. If you don’t, you can simply sense them, or tell yourself that they are there. Let the mind dwell on each form: the circle, the triangle, and the square. Let yourself feel the order and balance in these figures. Repeat the words, order, balance, and harmony to yourself. After spending a few moments with these images, allow them to dissolve away into golden light. They become fluid, flowing golden light that flows around you and into you, surrounds you and permeates you. Repeat to yourself the word flow. You can feel it fill your body, every corner of the body. This is the light of life, warmth, the vital life force. It is the light of the sun. It supports, strengthens and nourishes you, your physical body and your immune system. It also nourishes your spirit, because there is no division. Body and spirit are not two; body and mind are not two. What is called mind in every cell of the body. That is why imagination, visualization and thought are so powerful in healing. Right now at this very moment, even before you close your eyes and try this meditation, even as you read the words, that light is active, the body is responding.

In this meditation you invoke, with word and image, Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, the fundamental principles from which all life arises, which are the foundation of health. Your mind and body can experience those principles, that state.

In general it can be said that the square is very grounding and supports your physical body’s structure. It brings Order. The triangle is generative and brings energy; it activates the life force within you. It brings Balance. The circle connects you, to Spirit, to your greater Awareness, to the world and beings around you. In a circle there are no opposing sides. It brings Harmony.  You can experiment with imagining these figures in front of you, appearing in a field of light. You can imagine them around you, drawn in the ground. You can play with them and make them three-dimensional. Combined, they create cones and pyramids, cubes and spheres, and many other multi-dimensional structures.

Always melt the structure away, let it dissolve into fluid light. This is Flow. Perhaps the particular figure becomes a wave, or a spiral. Allow that wave to flow over you and into you. Breathe it in, feel the energy of it. The order of the universe, of health, is not some fixed and static state. It is a flow coalescing into form, moving through and in form. The figures help you to stabilize and ground the flow. The melting them away enhances the energetic flow.

This may sound esoteric. In these times and in this season, one needs practical suggestions for one’s health. We can only say: these are practical suggestions. There are realms of consciousness that have long been defined as spirit that can help you to stay well and healthy. In today’s world people have become disconnected from spirit, their own spirits, the spirits of nature, the spirits of healing. In all traditional cultures, spirit has been called upon to heal, and even in the Christian tradition the Holy Spirit heals. The circle, the triangle, the squares of golden light, are doorways to spirit, to those realms where spirit dwells and manifests in its myriad form. These geometric forms with their inherent order and balance are representations of spirit that are tied to no one culture, time or place. They are universal forms that reflect universal principles. These universal principles have healing power for the physical world and the physical body. 

Now we do not suggest that you only meditate on these forms and that will keep you perfectly healthy. These meditations are intended to support whatever you are doing at the physical level to keep yourself healthy. The foundations there are diet, taking care of yourself with appropriate bodywork and medicines when necessary, and physical exercise. Those are very simple. There’s no getting around them, no lasting health without these simple physical commitments.

However, the need now to work energetically, to consciously keep one’s energy in balance is much greater than it has ever been in the history of this world. There’s a reason for this. Until very recently, the natural world was in a state of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Human beings have been supported by that fundamental Order since the beginning of time. All people had to do to stay in balance was step out their door, and they were surrounded by Flow, and Order, and Harmony. It was in the air they breathed, the food they ate, in the earth and in the water. It was there to restore them whenever they experienced disturbances with other human beings, whenever they experienced shock, trauma and stress. They could rely on the natural Order to balance them. This is no longer so. The energies of the earth are out of balance and struggling to keep their balance, are constantly being pulled out of balance by pollution, global warming, electromagnetic and other frequencies of all kinds, the decimation of the forests, by all these causes. People have to pay much more attention to their energetic balance than they ever have before. It is now almost the other way around: as people pay attention to bringing themselves into balance, this helps earth, nature, and the spirits of earth and nature maintain their balance.

The meditation we have just described is one simple way of connecting to the fundamental ordering principles and allowing them to bring healing to yourself and the world around you.

Meditation with color and light can also be helpful in maintaining health. The spectrum of rainbow colors is itself a natural balancing energy. To imagine that spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, passing over and through the body will bring balance and nourish your life force energy. You can see it in front of you and breathe in each color, three full breaths on each color. Color is strengthening for the immune system. To visualize in this way, to breathe in the colors, will strengthen what we can call the light body. The immune system is closely related to what in many traditions is called the light body.

Therefore, take your vitamin c, your Echinacea, your various natural and homeopathic remedies, your medications. It is your choice whether to have vaccinations or not. At the same time, when you take your vitamins or your medications, imagine that you are also taking in and absorbing all the rainbow colors of light. When you go out of the door in the morning, surround yourself with rainbow light.

We can only repeat, these are not esoteric practices or frivolous fantasies. Those who stand back at the present time and make judgments about the use of the mind in healing, those who deny that capacity of the mind to strengthen, support and heal the body are, to put it simply, asking for trouble. The challenges to the physical body in today’s world are unprecedented.

There are many aspects of human existence that go on just as they have for centuries: the greed, anger, and ignorance. The effects are intensified, because of technology, because of sheer numbers of the human population, but essentially those forces play out the same patterns they have for centuries: war, oppression, domination, aggression. However, because of the technology and increased numbers, the toxicity, the imbalance, the disorganization in the energy field of the earth, the human body, as well as the animal, plant and earth body, are all facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining health.

It is in the nature of life to continue, to find its way, to survive and be reborn over and over again, and so life itself asks human beings to become more conscious in the use of their energy, in the understanding of their energy. This understanding involves the acceptance of the fact that how one uses one’s mind really affects not only one’s own health but also the health of the world.

One can say that the body has its guardians. Many experience this as a guardian angel. However, the guardians we speak of here are not external entities but energies within the body itself. You can directly invoke these guardians of the body. You could identify them at a biochemical, neuro-immunological level as glandular secretions, hormones, chemicals, transmitters, mineral balances, blood cells, lymph fluid. The body is full of guardians. The body responds to imagery, thought and language. There are now countless scientific studies that demonstrate this. You can talk to your body. You can invoke the guardians of the body.

Lie down, close your eyes, surround yourself with an egg of golden light, and place the hands cupped over the navel area, with the palm of either hand over the navel and the other on top. Invoke the guardians of the body. Say out loud “ I call upon the guardians of the body to protect and strengthen this physical body.” Then, as you like, you can do the meditations of the circle, triangle and square, as we did at the beginning.

Again, this is not some esoteric practice. It is as practical as taking vitamins or getting a flu shot. Not more so, and not less, not instead of, but in addition to. If you try it, you will most likely feel some warmth, some energy, some vibration in the body. That is the guardians being activated, responding to your call, in all their multitude of forms. 

The immune system responds to color, light, to harmonious sound vibrations, to laughter and joy and to love, to connection and communication. You can lie in bed at night and move the mind through the body, loving each part of yourself, sending love to organs, systems, and structure. This loving yourself strengthens your immune system. The immune system responds to touch. Any kind of bodywork, any kind of positive, healing, loving touch will strengthen the immune system.

Finally, each person knows what brings them into the experience of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Whatever it is that you know brings you to that state, please, for your own sake and for the world, do it often.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering.



THE VIBRANT LIFE: SIMPLE MEDITATIONS TO USE YOUR ENERGY EFFECTIVELY will be released by Sentient Publications in May 2006. The official date that it will be available on Amazon is May 26. This is the “You Are Energy Book” that many of you know, re-named, edited, and soon available as an actual book! You will be hearing more from me about this. In June I will be visiting the east coast for talks and sessions. I plan to be in New York City, Rochester, Saratoga Springs and Washington, DC. Details and dates will be available on the website soon or contact me directly for more info.

FIVE-DAY MEDITATION RETREAT AT KRIPALU YOGA CENTER July 2-7 2006: I would like to invite everyone to share this experience. Kripalu is a beautiful yoga center located in the Berkshire Mountains, near Lenox, Massachusetts. We’ll be surrounded by trees and mountains; there’s a lovely lake for swimming and boating, yoga classes are available morning and late afternoon, bodywork in the evenings, and then during the day, meditation, where we can share Awareness in a gentle, flowing way, no pressure, no demands, lots of time to go deep, to talk about our experience, to integrate the experience into every corner of our beings. The workshop will focus on the methods in my book, that is, very practical tools for helping people with issues of everyday life. We will also explore meditation as a way of knowing oneself and developing intuition. Last but not least, we will experience meditation as simply being together in silence, in Awareness. For more information, contact me, and/or check the Kripalu website,    YOU ARE YOUR PATH:  I am offering an ongoing meditation group in Santa Fe. We meet every Tuesday evening from 7-9. It’s by donation, you can come and go as you like, there is guided and silent meditation, and the meditations are never the same twice. Call me for location and to reserve a space.


SourcePoint Therapy is a simple energetic approach intended to support and enhance the effectiveness of other healing modalities. Bob Schrei, Certified Advanced Rolfer and Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapist, and the originator of SourcePoint Therapy, will offer the following workshops in Winter-Spring 2006:

February 24-26, 2006—Module Two: The Guardian Points, Energetic Structures, the Inner Temple, and the Sacrum.

April 1-3, 2006—Module One: Connecting to the Blueprint of Health; Locating Energetic Blockages.

Contact Donna for more information or to reserve a space.

EUROPE: I have loved being home this fall, and I miss all my friends in Europe. I really hope some of you can join me at Kripalu. It’s a short trip to Kripalu from Boston or New York. I plan to return to Europe in Autumn 2006 and already look forward to seeing you all.  

AWARENESS SESSIONS:  I’m here. Call when you feel the need.

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